The Creativity Firestarter Online

Is this you?

  • You love craft activities but wish you felt more confident with colour
  • Craft kits are your ‘go to’ projects because you lack the confidence to be more independent and experimental
  • You’d like to explore some new creative ideas but don’t know where to start
  • You’d like to explore some new creative ideas in a supportive, like minded group
  • You often start new projects with enthusiasm but lose interest before the end
  • Creative ‘play’ feels a bit silly but you’re still curious……
  • You need a creative tool kit that you can dip in and out of with ease
  • You’re fed up telling yourself you’re ‘not a creative person’

If so, you’re in the right place!

It’s time for a Creativity Firestarter - let me help you, we can ignite it together!

Paint in a palette
Creative mandala doodle

I will:

  • Guide you through a series of short playful creative activities using a broad range of materials, techniques and processes
  • Introduce you to simple design terminology giving you a broader vocabulary to discuss your ideas
  • Demystify basic design principles including, colour theory, mark making, pattern and the use of line in your work
  • Use simple, quick and inexpensive, methods and materials
  • Encourage you to enjoy and value your own, and other people's work
  • Provide you with a friendly, global community of like minded people all on their own curious journey
  • Help you develop an inquisitive and productive mindset
  • Be there to support you and aim to reply to all enquiries within 24 hours or less
  • Challenge you!

The Creativity Firestarter

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Detailed, easy to follow video tutorials, to guide you through every activity.

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Comprehensive downloadable worksheets to help you organise your progress.

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Optional private Community Forum for sharing, socialising and supporting others.

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Audio files to keep you motivated, on task and inspired to complete at every stage.

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Optional monthly Live Q&A’s for all members.

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Access to course material for 24 months after joining.

Download the Creativity Firestarter FAQ Sheet
Download the Creativity Firestarter Materials List


The course can be accessed through a password protected page on this website.

Course content will be released over 5 days.

Virtual art course on a laptop

Here’s what students are saying about my online courses:


“The videos, tutorials and instructions are absolutely spot on. YOU make the course Sue; your personality, creativity and authenticity. It’s like sitting with a friend in my living room. Thanks for the extraordinary effort and thought you’ve put in to such an inspiring course. It won’t be my last.”

Debbie James

“Thank you Sue for this incredible course. I’ve loved every bit of it.”

Jessica Emily

“I’ve loved making this project, it has been a joy.... Thank you Sue for this amazing course, it’s been a source of much inspiration, creative joy and happiness.”

Kerri Anne

“It has been a wondrous journey, winding through colour, new stitches and meeting such a friendly, helpful group of people along the way. Sue, you have enabled a small global community to share 6 months of sheer delight.”

Sue Lindsay

“I’ve had so much fun..... You are an inspiring teacher and supportive coach.”

Keith Daniels

“Having to work remotely has created its own challenges but Sue is a brilliant teacher, she’s calm and encouraging, gets you out of trouble and is endlessly patient.”

Caroline Smith

A Brief Summary Of The Course

Art work

DAY 1:

A TABULA RASA - Making Your Mark

A day of doodling, scribbling, line drawing and mark-making

DAY 2:

COLOUR BY NUMBERS - It’s All in the Maths

A morning of hands-on colour theory and an afternoon of beautiful numbers

DAY 3:

A MOODY MONTAGE - Working with Found Images and Tone Values

A day of painting, cutting and sticking as we explore mood boards, montages and the different qualities of colour

DAY 4:


A day of cutting, collaging, layering and pattern creation

DAY 5:


A morning of selecting, editing, consolidating and reflecting. An afternoon of bridge building....

Read More About the Course Here
Sue Maton The Mercerie



  • I have 30 years’ experience (eeek!! THIRTY!!!) of teaching textiles and art and design and understand that everyone has a completely unique learning style
  • I’ve taught at every age and every level including Degree level, Masters, Further Education, Adult Education and in a Steiner School.
  • I can break complicated things down into easy to understand instructions.
  • I don’t do upselling or affiliate marketing, I’ll just provide you with what you need to know.
  • I don’t take myself too seriously and believe enjoyment and progress override perfection every time.
  • If you’re reassured by qualifications; I have a degree in Knitwear Design, a Post graduate Diploma in Textiles, an MA in Textile Culture and a DTLL’s teaching qualification.
  • I have a genuine passion and curiosity for a wide range of art and design disciplines (verging on the obsessive) and not just crochet!


This is FOR you if:

  • You’re prepared for a challenge and can commit to putting in the hours and effort required
  • You take responsibility for your own success
  • You have a curious and open mind
  • You can support, respect and be kind to others
  • You’ve read and agreed to the terms and conditions
  • You can afford to do this course and buy the required materials

This course is NOT for you if:

  • You find it hard to navigate a computer or the internet
  • You have no wifi access
  • You need 1:1 handholding and guidance
  • You find it difficult being polite online
  • You’re not prepared to try new things

The Creativity Firestarter

Download the Creativity Firestarter FAQ Sheet
Download the Creativity Firestarter Material List

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And ignite your creativity!

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The Creativity Firestarter -
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  • 5 day online supported course with videos, instructions, worksheets and audio files
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  • 24 months access to all online course materials on joining
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More From My Previous Students:


To those on the fence (like I was): I signed up and started and it's my happy place. It's not a rigid course/how-to. It's so much deeper than that. I can see how these lessons I've already learned will be useful in other areas of my creative life. The lessons are there, absolutely, but one can always just go to YouTube to get a lesson. This is an invitation to learn and create and embrace beauty. Forgive me for gushing - I'm just so happy with my decision to sign up for this!”

Constance de Martino

“I made steady progress and looked forward to each pattern update. The instructions were really clear and I'm very proud of my lovely blanket.”

Sharon Mulberry- Rookes

“I love the colours of Rowan felted tweed and the choice of colours means that no two blankets will be the same. I am so proud of my achievement so far that I spend hours looking at my blanket and marvelling that I managed to produce such a work of art. 

Sue’s enthusiasm and genuine love of all we produce helps keep me going.”

Margaret Hawes

“Sue calls it the 'Beast', I actually think it's Beauty, the reveal of my colours and the glorious symmetry emerging gradually is a joy to behold.”

Jan Clay

“I knew I had to do this course as soon as I saw the Wallflowers blankets exhibition in Norwich last year. Sue was really knowledgeable and helpful when choosing colours. It was meant to be a workshop course but was moved online at the beginning of lockdown 2020 and this worked out really well. 

It’s lots of work but no difficult techniques and you can chip away at it each week. I’m so proud of my beautiful finished blanket.”

Lou Gosling

If you're still looking for a reason to do this course - here are 13!