Wallflowers Online

Give me six months and I’ll take you on the most glorious crochet journey.

It’s time to factor in the WOW!  Join me on Wallflowers, a challenging, inspiring and unique online crochet course with results guaranteed to induce audible intakes of breath!

Is this you?

  • You’re looking for a new crochet project that will both challenge and inspire
  • You miss learning with a group and would love to work alongside supportive, like minded makers
  • You want to develop your skills but find it difficult on your own
  • You have good technical skills but lack confidence with colour
  • You have very basic crochet skills but still want to make something spectacular!
  • You struggle to stay motivated and complete projects
  • You’d like to make something amazing but tell yourself you’re not ‘creative’ enough

If any of this sounds familiar – you’re in the right place!

This course is designed for YOU

Wallflowers crochet blanket display
Wallflowers crochet blanket detail

I will:

  • Guide you slowly and carefully through all the techniques and processes with direct access to me for help when you need it
  • Help you make your own fabulous colour decisions that are guaranteed to look exquisitely beautiful
  • Help you build up your crochet skills with confidence, you’ll be amazed at what you can achieve with a few simple crochet stitches!
  • Help you stay on task through motivational audios and just being there to support you through the project
  • Challenge you at every step!
  • Provide you with a friendly, global, community of crafters all on the same curious journey

Creativity is rarely a brilliant flash of genius. It’s usually just a good idea brought into the world through hours and hours of focused and repetitive activity


This course starts again in November - be first to get all the details when bookings open again!

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A minimum of 20 hours of detailed and close-up video tutorials to gently guide you through every single step, including choosing your colours.

Comprehensive, downloadable PDF’s including written instructions, stitch diagrams and colour illustrations to suit every learning style.

Optional Zoom Q&A sessions each month giving you direct access to me so you can ask questions, show your work and connect, live, with other makers from all over the world (these are not recorded).

Audio files to keep you motivated, on task and feeling inspired to complete at every stage.

Optional private Facebook page for sharing, socialising and supporting others.

Indefinite access to course materials after the 6 month course.

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You'll be first to get all the details when bookings open again in Autumn 2022

Here’s what other students are saying about my online courses:


“The videos, tutorials and instructions are absolutely spot on. YOU make the course Sue; your personality, creativity and authenticity. It’s like sitting with a friend in my living room. Thanks for the extraordinary effort and thought you’ve put in to such an inspiring course. It won’t be my last.”

Debbie James

“Thank you Sue for this incredible course. I’ve loved every bit of it.”

Jessica Emily

“I’ve loved making this project, it has been a joy to see all the amazing blankets unfold in such a supportive group. I’m definitely going to miss the weekly pattern updates. Thank you Sue for this amazing course, it’s been a source of much inspiration, creative joy and happiness.”

Kerri Anne

“It has been a wondrous journey, winding through colour, new stitches and meeting such a friendly, helpful group of people along the way. Sue, you have enabled a small global community to share 6 months of sheer delight.”

Sue Lindsay

“This was an amazingly presented course and a great way to enjoy new skills and crochet with enthusiasts around the globe.”

Jane Bird

“Sue’s workshops are master classes filled with so much wonderful content. Her approach is like no other I have ever experienced in any fiber-related course I’ve taken. They are so much more than blindly following a pattern. I’m so inspired by Sue and the community of other students — they become a virtual family”

Keith Daniels

“This is a very big undertaking and having to work remotely has created its own challenges but Sue is a brilliant teacher, she’s calm and encouraging, gets you out of trouble and is endlessly patient.”

Caroline Smith