Tessellation Nation

Crochet for the brave at heart!

If you’ve worked with me before, this project will feel both familiar and challenging - and if you’re new to my crochet courses - well, brace yourself for a crochet experience like no other!

This unique course is a compilation of knowledge and skills that I’ve built up over three decades of teaching - and it will do so much more than provide a set of instructions for making a crochet blanket! I will help you to develop your own colour palette and explore different compositions to ensure you have the skills and confidence to create something you love.

Over 350 crochet pioneers took the plunge and joined me on the first Tessellation Nation course which I launched in January 2024 - and I’m delighted to confirm that I will be running this course again later this year! 

Tessellation Nation Crochet course

Are you feeling brave?

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Here’s what people are saying about my online crochet courses

*Stunning is an overused word here and in the crochet webverse. But THIS is worth framing and exhibiting at a museum. I have a Best of Ravelry favourites bundle, this goes there with honours.  I hope your class is available for many years to come."



“I really enjoy your courses, it's already the third one I've attended, more than they entertain me they are pure therapy for my serenity.  I have a lot of difficulty with English so I try to understand and make do. However, you are very good, your work is perfect and very precious.  Thanks a lot


“Sue's quality tutelage in videos, online, and zoom meetings that really gave me the courage and interest to join. Sue's personality and knowledge and her willingness to share her knowledge really make her courses extra special. I would recommend her courses to anyone interested in crochet - both beginner and experienced.”


“I just want to commend you on the very high quality of your courses. I always learn so much and enjoy them tremendously. Thank you for making this content available to those of us who appreciate your skill and artistry.



“I am really enjoying the course. I cannot fault it at all. The blanket design is exquisite and the lessons are beautifully delivered.  It must have taken you a very long time and a lot of care to produce. I have loved all your courses, they are very special.