Homage to the (Granny) Square

This Course Starts Online 2nd April 2024

  • Is your crochet missing that elusive Wow Factor?
  • Do you lose interest after that initial buzz of starting a new CROCHET project?
  • Would you like to become better acquainted with your creative, intuitive soul?
  • Are you bored of your favourite ‘go to’ colours and lack colour confidence?
  • Do you miss learning with a supportive group?
  • Do you want to develop your skills but find it difficult on your own?
  • Do you tell yourself you’re not a creative person?

If you can answer YES to any of the above questions- you’re in the right place!

Homage to the (Granny) Square is the perfect course for you.

Homage crochet blanket over a chair
Homage crochet blanket detail

I will:

  • Guide you slowly and carefully through 10 different granny squares, learning new stitches and building your skills as we go
  • Help you make your own fabulous colour decisions that are guaranteed to look exquisitely beautiful, through a series of in-depth colour workshops
  • Use multiple methods of teaching to suit all learning styles
  • Help you stay on task through motivational audios and just being there to support you through the project
  • Challenge you at every step!
  • Provide you with a friendly, global, community of crafters all on the same curious journey

“The essential ingredients for creativity remain exactly the same for everybody: courage, enchantment, permission, persistence, trust—and those elements are universally accessible.”

- Elizabeth Gilbert, Big Magic: Creative Living Beyond Fear


Homage to the (Granny) Square

Bookings will close at midnight on the 1st April or when spaces are sold out.









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A minimum of 20 hours of detailed and close-up video tutorials to gently guide you through every single step, including choosing your colours.

Comprehensive, downloadable PDF’s including written instructions, stitch diagrams and colour illustrations to suit every learning style.

Optional Q&A sessions each month giving you direct access to me so you can ask questions, show your work and connect, live, with other makers from all over the world (these are not recorded).

Audio files to keep you motivated, on task and feeling inspired to complete at every stage.

Membership to our private online Crochet Community for sharing, socialising and supporting others.

Indefinite access to all the course materials after the 6 month course.

Download the Homage to the (Granny) Square FAQ Sheet


The course can be accessed through a password protected page on this website.

You’ll create an account when you checkout, and the course will be available to access in your personal Library on the start date. 

Colourful crochet granny squares

Here’s what students are saying about this online course:


Inspiring, well planned and delivered. The colour work in the first few weeks was really helpful and fun. The instructions to make the squares catered for all learning styles with clear written instructions, good diagrams and excellent video demonstrations. The course was great value for money as there was so much content and owning it for ever means that I will make more blankets in the future.

Thank you Sue for a really enjoyable project, I might do the Wallflowers blanket next.

Lou Hodgson

“I learned so much from the colour theory unit.  I would not have known how to pick yarn colours that work well together had I not done the colour theory. I am also really glad that you made a Learn to Crochet course before I started Homage. I am a beginner to crochet and only know chain stitch and trebles. I would not have been able to keep up with the Homage videos had I not done the intro course.  ”

Lisa Strub

“I think this course has been well planned and thought out. Very well paced and I love that you never gave the next bit early or jumped ahead. I liked the videos and found them simple to follow. I've loved the interaction in the group and feel as though I've really made some new connections. It's also great that people can observe from a distance if they feel more comfortable that way. A wonderful course, which I hope to revisit in the future and make another blanket. ”

Jessica Emily

“I absolutely loved this course and I wouldn't change a thing. The course content, videos, zoom and Facebook group all added to making this a wonderful experience. Thank you Sue for all you hard work. I would recommend this course highly!”

Sue Wooding

“I loved this course!

That's an understatement really. I've learnt so much, you basically taught me to crochet. I've signed up to Wallflowers which I'm really looking forward to. I love the different aspects you brought into this course, such as the motivational pep talk and the colour workshops. I work with colour all day as a dyer, and I really enjoyed that video. The Facebook group was really nice. Lovely to see other people's work. A very positive experience, very much enjoyed!”

Vicky Streater


Introducting Sue Maton

A Brief Summary Of The Course

Wallflowers online crochet course

CHAPTER 1: Inspiration!

Moodboards/colour palettes and choosing your yarn

CHAPTER 2: Garlands

Building the 2 foundation garlands

CHAPTER 3: Another Dimension

Introducing the 3 dimensional flowers

CHAPTER 4: Filling the Void

Closing the hole in the centre

CHAPTER 5: A Ring of Flowers

Making the 14 large flowers and filling the gaps in between

CHAPTER 6: Daisy Chain

Making a circle of 50 ‘flowers’

CHAPTER 7: In the Dark Corners

Creating corners with the large dark flowers

CHAPTER 8: Background

Filling in the background spaces

CHAPTER 9: Conclusion

Straightening up the edges and a final trim

Sue Maton

"My mission is to design contemporary crochet products that retain the values of traditional craft:
beautiful natural materials and good functional design.

I make products to be used and loved – and I’d like to help you do the same!"

Granny Square crochet blanket and yarns



  • I have 30 years’ experience (eeek!! THIRTY!!!) of teaching textiles and art and design and understand that everyone has a completely unique learning style
  • I’ve taught at every age and every level including Degree level, Masters, Further Education, Adult Education and in a Steiner School.
  • I can break complicated things down into easy to understand instructions.
  • I am immeasurably patient!!
  • I don’t do upselling or affiliate marketing, I’ll just provide you with what you need to know.
  • I don’t take myself too seriously and believe enjoyment and progress override perfection every time.
  • If you’re reassured by qualifications; I have a degree in Knitwear Design, a Post graduate Diploma in Textiles, an MA in Textile Culture and a DTLL’s teaching qualification.
  • I have a genuine passion and curiosity for a wide range of art and design disciplines (verging on the obsessive) and not just crochet!


This is FOR you if:

  • You can do the crochet basics – or you’re prepared to put in the extra hours to ‘learn on the job’
  • You take responsibility for your own success
  • You can support, respect and be kind to others
  • You’ve read and agreed to the terms and conditions
  • You can afford to do this course and buy the required materials

This course is NOT for you if:

  • You can’t crochet and you’re looking for a ‘learn to crochet’ course
  • You find it hard to navigate a computer or the internet.
  • You have no wifi access
  • You need 1:1 handholding and guidance
  • You find it difficult being polite online
Download the Homage to the (Granny) Square FAQ Sheet


Because I offer live group Q&A’s as part of this course I will be restricting numbers.

Places will be sold on a ‘first come’ basis and bookings will close as soon as the course is full.

Homage to the (Granny) Square

Bookings will close at midnight on the 1st April or when spaces are sold out.









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Numbers are limited for this course.

Spread the Cost

£28 per month

for 6 months - total £168 inc. VAT

  • 6 month online supported course with videos, instructions and stitch diagrams
  • 6 x Monthly live Q&A's
  • Indefinite access to all online course materials after the 6 month course
  • Discover extra crochet 'hacks'

Advance payment


inc. VAT saving £33

  • 6 month online supported course with videos, instructions and stitch diagrams
  • 6 x Monthly live Q&A's
  • Indefinite access to all online course materials after the 6 month course
  • Discover extra crochet 'hacks'
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More From My Previous Students:


“I really enjoyed the course and got a lot from the very structured nature of the way the material was presented. This was motivational and provided huge impetus for me. The standard of tutorials is very high and if you follow the instructions systematically you learn new techniques and how to do things carefully and methodically to end up with a really high quality, beautiful result. Sue is an inspirational teacher and I would recommend these classes.

I was a beginner and now I feel I can tackle any crochet work. Thank you so much.”

Miranda Corti

“I loved this course - you have basically taught me to crochet - but also helped me produce something I never would have thought possible as a beginner. Even though I live near Norwich I think it would have been hard to fit the course around my other commitments if it had not been online. It would be lovely when it becomes possible to supplement the course with one in person, face to face session - maybe at the start or at the end. But the online meetings worked well and there was always at least one session I could attend - so I really appreciated that flexibility and being able to fit it in around work.

The videos were completely indispensable as a novice. But they have now given me enough confidence to work from the pdf's. You have not only given me lots of inspiration to take into my crafting, but also into my own (very different field) teaching. This has been some of the best constructed adult teaching I have ever seen. The bits I might go back and look at in particular from that point of view are the motivational videos - I struggle to work out how to help students who are facing barriers that are hard to articulate. Thank you again for a marvellous course.”

Amanda Williams

“I loved this course. The blanket design is gorgeous and without the pandemic had only been available to people who could travel to the regular live workshops. The videos are beautifully made and watchable in their own right. The course always emphasises that participants should not feel there is a right or a wrong way to complete each part and encourages experimentation. It was fun and uplifting and I am so glad that Sue has created a unique course and delivered it with great care and should be very proud. Thank you so much.”

Katie Fairhead

“As an experienced crocheter I really enjoyed the deep dive into colour theory. The videos had the right amount of detail and were easy to follow.”

Alison Allen

“I have seen the blanket at Norfolk Yarn Norwich and always wanted to do the course but the dates never worked for me so was good to see I could I do online. Thankyou Sue a really lovely project to keep me occupied during lockdowns.”

Susan Gray