Gloria Capelet

Making wearable crochet GLORIOUS!

If you’re reading this the chances are that, like me, you enjoy the thrill of a new project and enjoy creative challenges.

In October 2022 I’ll be launching a brand new version of GLORIA which will take your existing crochet skills to new levels and reward you with an exquisitely beautiful and wearable work of art.

This crochet course is a 10 week, interactive, video based, programme that will guide you, in detail, through the process of making a beautiful floral garment that’s exciting to make and easy to wear.

Full design details and yarn requirements will be published when bookings open later this month.

Gloria crochet capelet

Who is GLORIA for…..?

This course is for you if you:

  • Are experienced at crochet and are looking for an ambitious new challenge
  • Are looking for an inspiring crochet garment to make that will stretch your existing crochet skills
  • Enjoy learning with a group and would like to be part of a global crochet community
  • Want to make something amazing but tell yourself you don’t have the technical skills
  • Enjoy the process of making

This course is not for you if you:

  • Are a beginner at crochet
  • Need lots of 1-1 support
  • Fret about small details

If you’re one of life’s ‘doers’ and enjoy immersing yourself in the process of making - this is the course for you!

What will I get on the course?

I will:

  • Publish twice weekly detailed video instructions and downloadable PDF’s with written instructions, stitch diagrams and colour illustrations.
  • Help you with your colour choices to ensure your version of GLORIA is utterly glorious!
  • Guide you slowly and carefully through all the techniques and processes with direct access to me for help.
  • Help you stay on task and support you through the process.
  • Provide you with a friendly global private community where you can build meaningful connections with crafters all on the same curious journey.

Since launching my online crochet courses in September 2020 I’ve worked with hundreds of people to help them realise their crochet ambitions.

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Making wearable crochet GLORIOUS with this NEW crochet course for 2022

Here’s what people are saying about my online crochet courses


“The painstaking attention to detail Sue puts into her designs and the endless possibility of different colour combinations make all Sue's projects a delight and a fun challenge to make. Her videos, charts, graphs and written explanations are very clear and easy to follow, and she is always available and willing to help and go the extra mile to support you. Moreover, participating to making one of her projects, such as Gloria or Wallflowers, gives you the added bonus of feeling part of a large community of makers from all around the world, who share a sense of purpose and motivate each other in the process. Gloria, as well as Wallflowers, have been for me such great and inspirational experiences, and have helped me to refine my crochet, time management, and colour work skills, to mention just a few, and gave me the privilege to share with others like me.”


“For me Wallflowers started off as an interest in making a beautiful blanket I came across online with the hope I would also learn a few new skills along the way. I had no idea it would become this awesome journey of crochet, support, and inspiration.

Sue is an amazing teacher and creates a learning environment that is filled with joy and encouragement. Her well orchestrated videos and coordinating PDFs provide all the technical details necessary to complete each motif. Her choice of music combined with patient instructions enhances the experience.

This course has taken me on a journey that was nothing short of spectacular. I will be forever grateful to have had the opportunity to be a part of a network of others that brought me so much enjoyment. Thank you so much Sue for creating this whole experience for us all. My completed blanket will be a constant reminder of this amazing course.”


“Sue's quality tutelage in videos, online, and zoom meetings that really gave me the courage and interest to join. Sue's personality and knowledge and her willingness to share her knowledge really make her courses extra special. I would recommend her courses to anyone interested in crochet - both beginner and experienced.”


“Thank you sooo much!!! I can’t begin to tell you how much I have thoroughly enjoyed your courses. You are such a wonderful teacher!! The videos are incredible and so well made!! I adore the music you use too!

You have a very special talent and I am so happy that I was able to finally be involved in your courses and the zoom meetings!! The pace for this course has been spot on for me too! I feel that you have balanced it out perfectly!!”


“ I would unconditionally recommend anyone to participate in HTTGS or Wallflowers. As a teacher of crochet Sue Maton is incredible. She offers an unparalleled opportunity to create heirloom pieces whatever your standard. There is something for every level.

Through HTTGS she is able to offer a learning experience whether you are a complete novice or an experienced hooker. Wallflowers takes this a step further with her unique design. As well as being a superb teacher of stitches and instructing in finishing techniques to make your work look beautifully professional, she offers her genius in colour combinations and blanket construction to all those who chose to learn with her. Her planning and attention to detail throughout her courses is phenomenal.

Each course has an extensive library of videos, paper based patterns, stitch diagrams and motivational audios. Providing perfect support materials to guide you through the work. Additionally learning with ‘The Mercerie’ is global. I have made lasting friendships and connections with like minded people all over the world.”